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Audio engineer, Podcast editor, Photography, Graphic design

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As an audio engineer with over 20 years of experience and having worked with Radio Free Europe,
I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of audio production. My extensive experience working with radio broadcasting may have given me an in-depth understanding of how to produce high-quality sound for live broadcasts, podcasts, and recorded material. I’m highly skilled in editing, mixing, and mastering audio tracks to create a polished final product. Additionally, I have experience working with a range of different audio equipment and software, including digital audio workstations, microphones, mixers, and audio plugins. My technical knowledge and expertise may make me well-suited for troubleshooting technical issues that may arise during the production process. Overall, my experience as an audio engineer and my work with Radio Free Europe likely make me a valuable asset to any team in need of high-quality audio production.
My second specialization is photography.
I’m specialized in capturing the magic and beauty of your special day with a unique blend of event and street photography. My passion for photography started with capturing candid moments in the bustling streets, which led me to explore the art of event photography. With years of experience in both genres, I have mastered the art of storytelling through my lens, capturing the essence of every moment and turning them into timeless memories. I believe that your event should be a celebration of love and joy, and I strive to capture every moment of it in a way that will bring you back to that special day every time you look at your photos. I can’t wait to be a part of your event journey!


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  •  Radio Dunav - Novi Sad
  •  Jul 1994 - Sep 1998

At Radio Dunav, I first worked as the director of live broadcasting. I gradually expanded my activities to sound technician and producer of commercials. In addition, I have been involved as a DJ in many clubs throughout Serbia, regularly performing at events either as a resident DJ or occasionally at special parties such as New Year's Eve, birthdays and other events. The radio show "Just another top chart", where I held the position of music director and manager, became one of the most popular shows in Vojvodina, Serbia. I worked as a producer on a radio show about acid jazz, jazz funk called "Blow out". As a DJ, I consider my greatest achievement to be the resident DJ at the first year of the prestigious music festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, known as the "Exit festival", where I provided musical accompaniment for hundreds of enthusiastic listeners every weekend for 3 months.


  •  IN Radio - Novi Sad
  •  Sep 1998 - Jun 2001

In "IN radio" I held the position of music presenter, DJ and marketing specialist.


  •  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
  •  Aug 2003 - Nov 2018

Working in Radio Free Europe was a unique experience for me. No school could have given me the knowledge I gained there. I started my career as an audio producer and technician in the Balkan services section of RFE/RL, where I stayed for two years. I subsequently moved to the general sound engineering section where we managed and produced many audio broadcasts and pre-recorded shows. As radio expanded into television production and live broadcasts, I learned and worked as a video switcher operator, cameraman, video editor and broadcast audio specialist. In 2014, RFE/RL gave me the opportunity to study photography at The New York Institute of Photography, for which I am very grateful. This opportunity opened up new perspectives for me and allowed me to further develop as a photographer.


  •  Animika Hub - Prague
  •  Apr 2017 - Mar 2023

My main tasks were client care, PR, social marketing, web development, equipment maintenance as well as photography and videography work, as well as podcast production. I tried to ensure that our clients received the best possible service and that our premises were always in optimal condition for their needs.


Professional Photographer

  •  The New York Institute Of Photography
  •  Apr 2014 - Jun 2017

This online photography course is a comprehensive program that taught me how to control my camera. I learned the secrets of exposure, lighting and lenses. I took a training course on proper composition where I learned how professional photographers create the perfect shot in all conditions. The course offered me an introduction to a wide range of different photography genres – weddings, nature, landscape, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life and more.